515nm Diode Green Laser Pointer

It would be the most marvelous thing for laser amateurs or professionals with the appearance of 515nm green laser diode manufactured green laser pointer. Available with the finished green laser diode inner structure, 515nm green laser pointer is able to provide a highly stable laser emitting in various presentation fields. Users can have a complete different and wonderful experience with this great created laser pointer.

Even though 515nm green laser pointer adopts different light emitting method from 532nm DPSS green laser pointer, however, nothing can prevent the high efficient green light emitting from 515nm green laser diode. 515nm green diode laser pointer is the same visible and bright as 532nm green laser.

Comparing with DPSS lasers, 515nm green laser diode is able to make more stable light emitting in operation. This special laser diode manufacture green laser pointer is able to make a continuous wavelength green laser beam with high bright brightness and laser light shape mode of TEMoo. As a result, 515nm green diode laser pointer is able to project high quality green laser light with high beam intensity and beam visibility.

Owing to the gradually mature laser diode technology, 515nm green laser pointer is able to provide a high performance presentation in work. The technology is based on a high performance diode laser offering optimum beam quality and modulation performance. Manufactured from the highly stable green laser pointer diode, 515nm green diode laser pointer is able to provide the most efficient presentation continuously. It can also emit high intensity laser beam in real operation.

The same as usually used laser pointer, 515nm green laser pointer is also designed with the same appearance of pen shape, which enables the most convenient and easiest operation all the time. Powered by alkaline batteries, this green laser pointer is able to be operable by two pieces AAA batteries. Usually two pieces AAA batteries can support this laser gadget as long as 180 minutes.
As the result of its finest 515nm green laser diode quality, green laser pointer is able to maintain especially long operation lifetime of more than 8000 hours. Users are able to get at least six months warranty period from any kinds of damage or destroy during formal laser operation. This 515nm green laser pointer is also being designed with high safety standard with FDA quality and safety approval, which enables safety operation in all occasions. Users can just get wonderful experience from this diode manufactured green laser pointer all the time.

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