Laser Alignment Procedure

In many industrial alignment and measurement working fields, it is very important to obey laser alignment procedure before really operation work. On basis of targeting line, dot or cross, laser alignment is always designed with adjustable focus or fix focus. It is always very easy and convenient to operate. Only if laser alignment is connected with 3-5V electric power supply, it will begin formal positioning and targeting.

When users are selecting non adjustable focus alignment laser line, it has been designed with the best working distance of 3-5 meters. The line thickness is about 2-3mm. When users are selecting adjustable focus laser alignment, users can just make free adjustment of targeting light spot. The minimum laser beam diameter can reach as fine as 0.3mm.

Below introduces laser alignment procedures:

1. Try to install laser alignment on requirement machine or devices. Users can choose professional mounting bracket if necessary.
2. Connect laser alignment with external DC input power supply. It will begin forma dot, line or cross alignment and measurement after proper operating voltage electric power supply.
3. Adjust targeting laser beam of laser alignment to correct direction. If focus adjustable, just screw laser alignment head to obtain the most satisfied beam focus on targeting surfaces. Pay attention to working distance, and make correct selection of output power.

Special attention to laser alignment procedure:

High powered laser alignment can obtain even brighter and more visible laser beam emitting in operation. But working environment is the first concern while selecting laser alignment tool.
High powered laser alignment projects brighter blue laser pointer beam, workable at high brightness working environments, while weak in alignment precision.
Low powered laser alignment project less brighter laser beam, workable at formal room environments or darker conditions, but assures high precision measurement and alignment result.

Laser alignment safety measures:

Never try to point laser alignment to human and animal eyes and bodies. It is not a toy, but an industrial laser. Just obey laser safety operation rules exactly.
Red and blue violet laser alignments (10mW-100mW) are workable 3-4 days continuously. But we do not suggestion extremely long time pointing, or affect laser diode serving lifetime cause by over hot.
Laser diode inside laser alignment belongs to static sensitive devices. Electrical protection should comply with the relevant regulations.
Do not force to pull the electric power cord.
Do not supply electric power to laser alignment with supply voltage exceeding 5V.
Before users are purchasing laser alignment, users should determine the working distance. It concerns vertical distance between laser beam emitting hole to working surfaces. The light brightness of workplace is the other concern of laser alignment procedure.

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