Red Alignment Laser Line

Red line projecting alignment laser consists of semiconductor laser and line laser optical lens system, generating a bright red line for alignment and calibration. The red laser is visible by human eyes and camera, featured by clear line and uniform light distribution, applicable for industrial positioning and markings for all occasions. This red line laser module is easy and convenient operating.

Red alignment laser line is our latest R&D device, adopting imported glass cylindrical lens and laser diodes, projecting a line of more than 10 meters indoors fine and uniform. It is highly precise and stable in operation, with high mounting height among 0.5cm to 5 meters. Red line projecting alignment laser has passed ROHS, CE, FDA and other international security and environmental protection authority certificates, which can be highly customized according to customers’ need to determine the dimensions of its installation.

Red line projecting laser module consists of high quality red laser diode, durable aluminum alloy body material, excellent quality lens, constant power circuit boards, and wire components. This laser device adopts the latest communication technology production method to achieve high performance industrial applicable alignment laser.

It is featured by following advantages:

● Intelligent feedback control circuit
● Efficient transmission optical system
● Low power consumption and high performance optical power output
● Stable performance, consistency and long serving lifetime

The wavelength, dimension, working distance, output power, spot mode, wire length and other parameters can be customized according to customer demand.

Red line projecting alignment laser adopts dedicated DC power supply, having a strong anti-interference, high stability, and slow start inrush current suppression. It is especially suitable for harsh operating environments, can effectively guarantee the stability and service life of alignment laser.

Red line alignment laser high good result in direction and high brightness, can be widely used in health care, military, security, stage light and measurement etc. The fine and accurate red reference line is useful in stone cutting, textile, metal sewing machine, package machine etc. This portable designed laser device is convenient, intuitive and practical, easy to install, stable and reliable. The operation of red line alignment laser can greatly improve the work efficiency in line targeting and positioning.

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