Will laser lighting replace the LED in the future?

Laser lighting visible light laser lighting, infrared laser lighting. Visible light laser lighting, according to the principle is divided into the following two: blue light to stimulate the phosphor to achieve white light; red, green and blue laser synthesis of white laser or true color light. Infrared laser lighting, then more used in night vision, night camera monitoring lighting.

The laser light source is based on semi-polar GaN laser diodes, combined with advanced phosphor technology. Since the brightest laser pointer is focused on a small point on the phosphor to emit light and convert it into white light, the light source can output a safe and highly collimated white light, plus the use of tiny optical lenses and reflectors to control the light better Good lighting effect. Compared to blue LED, the laser does not exist in the light effect of the problem, in the lighting, laser lighting can achieve very high efficiency.

In fact, LD laser and LED light from the excitation source point of view is not much difference, YAG laser is more than a laser radiation, LED excitation light in the semiconductor after adding a fluorescence conversion, the main difference is that the laser Monochrome is very good, LED spectrum will be more broad, suitable for display, lighting and so on. In addition, the brightness of the two can not be compared, because the laser is a straight line of light, strong direction, such as without processing brightness will be much larger than the LED. Laser for RGB visual effects is not yet mature, only stay in the laboratory state, laser projection, laser TV is now only a concept.

Nobel Prize winner in the village repair two has been the advantages of 3000mw laser pointer lighting and LED lighting comparison, he believes that the laser light emitting area is smaller, more luminous efficiency, the senses easier to focus and the distance farther, you can Widely used in car headlights and other areas. On the next 10 years, whether the laser lighting will replace the LED lighting such issues, the discussion of different views, based on the laser lighting smaller, more compact structure, the projection distance and other characteristics, the industry believes that in certain areas May replace LED lighting, such as lights and display technology. In the field of general lighting, it was on the laser lighting in 10 years to replace LED lighting expressed doubts. However, the development of any kind of innovative technology is worth keeping in touch.

Usually the laser can only send red, blue, green light several fixed colors, so have to convert it into a relatively high brightness, close to the natural light lighting requirements. Daylight sunny day when the color temperature is 5500K, if the blue laser pen in front of a layer of phosphorus, its beam color will become white. Laser headlamps range is twice the LED high beam, and LED lighting system complement each other. 5500K is relatively close to the color of the sun, the naked eye will be partial white and not white, 1000mw laser pointer headlights in the distance can be normal use. The main advantage of the laser is that it is smaller in size and farther away from the distance, compared to the LED high beam, the distance from 250 meters to 500 meters. As for the penetration of the problem, rain, snow, fog such weather will affect the penetration of any lights, laser headlamps are no exception.

In addition to most of the advantages of LED, such as fast response, long life, low energy consumption, laser-specific directional light and very high brightness is unmatched by the rest of the light source, especially the laser beam divergence is minimal, almost Close to parallel. This means that as long as there is enough energy, the laser headlamps illuminate the distance depends only on the limits of human vision. In addition, under the current technology, the length of the laser diode unit can be 10 microns, which is only one percent of the conventional LED unit. Laser lighting efficiency is much higher than the LED, LED light output is about 100Lm / W, while the laser unit light output can reach 170Lm / W.

Since the LED headlamps, laser headlamps have been launched one after another. But you can see that the current 300mw laser pointer headlamps are still in the early stages of the road to universal or difficult, such as high cost, and the huge heat generated when the lighting, are still the manufacturers need to overcome the problem. From the current situation, the expensive laser headlamps, the cost is the primary problem to solve. But the long-term development, laser headlamps in some aspects or even the ultimate alternative to LED is not impossible.

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