Laser Looking for Alien Civilization

The main task of searching for extraterrestrial civilization (SETI) is to search for radio signals from other parts of the Milky Way, but now the agency is starting to embark on another approach, a method that utilizes a laser. To do this, they raise funds at Indiegogo, hoping to build a series of custom camera observatories dedicated to continuously scanning the entire sky, so they may be able to search for short burning laser signals from intelligent life.

green laser pointer

In the past 60 years, people are generally using radio signals to find signs of extraterrestrial civilization, but in fact they are not the only one may be looking for alien life as a medium, like a laser, it can also be sent between stars information. It is understood that the laser can converge into a very tight beam and then tune into a single frequency and then penetrate the dust and gas in space. At the same time, any laser that eventually arrives on the earth can be very short, because they are not sent to the earth, but only happen to be sent to Earth in a short time. Radio is also the case, but the difference is that people on the violet laser pointer in space scanning area than the radio.

The SETI’s “Laser SETI” program is designed to build such observatories around the world for the purpose of continually observing the entire sky. It will search for laptops as short as 1 millisecond or even shorter, even if duplications occur.

According to SETI’s own disclosure, they have been experimenting with this project for two years, and now they are moving to a new stage. Obviously, the plan needs enough money to start. To this end, the agency in Indiegogo launched a fundraising event of $ 100,000. It was learned that the funds raised would be used to purchase the cost of the assembly and initial stages of the installation of two custom cameras and dedicated optical equipment, and the additional funds would be used in two complete observatories.

One day in the future, SETI plans to deploy 14 such observatories around the world, and then, regardless of the weather, they can start a continuous observation.

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