VCSEL Laser Market Explosion

In the field of consumer electronics, Apple Corp is definitely called a “weathervane””. IPhone 8 although not yet listed, but its configuration has caused a variety of industry speculation. Among them, it is worth noting that, iPhone 8 will be on the line is now hot AR function. The solution is through the post – 3D red laser pointer system sensor to enhance the depth of inspection of the enhanced reality App, as well as to achieve accurate autofocus.

To this end, Apple Corp specially developed a VCSEL laser system, and integrate it into the iPhone 8 mobile phones, through the calculation of laser rangefinder to achieve faster camera focus. In addition, it can achieve accurate depth mapping, thus helping to apply on the AR.

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About the suppliers of laser systems, it was rumored that Lumentum and Finisar will provide the VCSEL laser system components for Apple Corp, while II-VI will provide the corresponding sensors. With the release time approaching, iPhone 8 related rumors have begun to gradually confirmed. Recently, the U.S. Lumentum company announced its fourth quarter and full year financial results. According to OFweek green laser pointer network editor’s understanding, found that its 3D aware product sales began to grow substantially to meet strong customer demand. According to the previous rumors and iPhone 8 is expected to market time is not difficult to find, Lumentum company said the strong demand of customers, I am afraid that Apple Corp.

As we can predict, with the listing of iPhone 8 mobile phones, VCSEL laser will also usher in a new round of high growth period. If the follow-up domestic brands follow the AR function, I believe VCSEL laser demand will be a higher level.

Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) is a kind of semiconductor laser, the laser is perpendicular to the top of the injection, and the general cut with a separate chip system Into the laser by the edge of the side-shot laser is different.

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Vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) is a new type of laser with vertical surface light. Different structures from conventional edge-emitting burning laser pointer offer many advantages: small divergence angles and circular symmetry far and near field distributions greatly improve the coupling efficiency with optical fibers without the need for complex and expensive beam shaping systems. It is proved that the coupling efficiency with multimode fiber can be greater than 90%. The length of the cavity is extremely short, which leads to the widening of the longitudinal mode distance, which can realize single longitudinal mode work in a wide temperature range, high dynamic modulation frequency so that its spontaneous emission factor is several orders of magnitude higher than that of ordinary end-emitting lasers, which results in a number of physical properties that greatly improve; can be tested in the chip, greatly reducing the development costs; the vertical direction of the substrate can easily achieve high density.

The two-dimensional array is integrated to achieve higher power output, and because multiple high power laser can be arranged in parallel in the direction perpendicular to the substrate, it is well suited for applications such as parallel optical transmission and parallel optical interconnection. The speed of successful application of single-channel and parallel optical interconnect, with its high cost performance, in the broadband Ethernet, high-speed data communication network To give a large number of applications; it is the most attractive manufacturing process of the light emitting diode (LED) compatible, low cost mass production.

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