445nm Separate Crystal Lens Blue Laser Line Generator

When super charming blue laser beam is emitting from 445nm separate crystal lens blue laser line generator, it is not only workable for formal industrial line aligning use, but also getting clear and wonderful blue line instruction for special fields, including laser displaying, laser show, decoration, military targeting and others etc. This high power 445nm blue laser module also gets the most wonderful use of separate crystal lens, and qualified optic lens has just made blue line available with extremely high uniformity and high fineness. According to proper selection of both output power and optic lens degree, this high uniformity blue laser line always makes sure of no mistake and high speed line alignment on all raw material surfaces effectively.

Inside the tube of 445nm separate crystal lens blue laser pointer line generator, it is equipped with a high quality optic lens. Comparing with formally used plastic lens or glass coated lens, the real line alignment just gets no appearance of laser light decay or blur. At the maximum work distance of 25 meters, blue laser line is still keeping high uniformity, which keeps the same line brightness from its middle part towards both ends. The whole process of laser line alignment keeps up to 80% laser beam uniformity. Usually blue laser light emitting from separate crystal lens is brighter and more visible than formal optic lens, in process of long distance line alignment, this 445nm blue laser module has just shown its superiority.

Comparing with other visible laser devices, blue color laser beam is quite charming and attractive. It is not as bright as 532nm green laser, however, this blue laser line generator is getting super special use in those of high tech work fields. Inside its 16mm diameter laser tube, there is enough space reserving as its cooling system and APC driving circuit board. When blue laser module gets constant electric current and output power supply, it is keeping constant blue reference line emission in long term use.

The formal line alignment with 445nm separate crystal lens blue laser line generator always allows the maximum operating time of 8 to 10 hours a day. Only if green laser pointer module gets time to make internal laser diode and electric current board cooling down, it can finally protect itself with reliable performance. When this line laser alignment tool is used by professionals or skilled users, it can easily achieve extremely long serving lifetime of more than 8000 hours. Users always use this 445nm blue laser module as an accessory part, according to proper installation and adjustment of laser line thickness and line targeting direction, it keeps no mistake line alignment easily.

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