532nm Green Laser Pointer

Generally green laser pointer is available in an output pointing of 532nm laser wavelength, which is getting from 1064nm infrared laser frequency. It is the most common DPSS (Diode pumped solid state frequency-doubled) laser, which is more complicated than standard laser diode manufactured laser pointers such as red, blue or blue violet laser pointers. 532nm green laser pointer is projecting the most visible and brightest green light both at night and in daytime.

Different from direct diode manufactured laser pointers, the laser conversion efficiency of 532nm green laser pointer is not 100%. All green laser pointers should be added on laser beam filter to prevent 1064nm IR laser light. The real output power of green laser pointer should be the power of projected 532nm green laser light. Sometimes laser suppliers are providing DPSS green lasers with mixed output power of both 532nm and 1064nm, not sole 532nm laser power. As a matter of fact, 532nm green laser pointer without IR filter has not achieved the real output power it should be.

The time we are not able see the laser radiation from a 532nm green laser, however, invisible infrared laser light might be coming out from the laser aperture. Laser users should never stare at the beam from 532nm green laser pointer since it is extremely dangerous once infrared laser light is pointed into eyes. Invisible 1064nm IR laser light might cause blind once eyeballs are espoused to such kind of powerful IR laser light emitting. The correct method to measure the output power of 532nm green laser pointer should be adding 1064nm laser filter before using laser power meter.

532nm green laser pointer should be powered off after a certain time continuous pointing. However, red laser pointer would not need to do so. Green laser is designed with higher power consumption, large heat emission, which will be affected when the operating temperature is too high. In addition, 532nm green laser pointer can cut off the power supply by itself while operation temperature is very high in order to protect its inner blue laser pointer diode from being burnt out.

Shoddy green laser pointers are usually designed without protection circuit module. As a result, it would be common things that green laser pointers are burnt out after long time continuous pointing, which will be recovered after temperature low down. Whenever people are operating a 532nm green laser pointer, it is always necessary to be cautious enough with its visible beam and enjoy the laser fan freely.

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