Industrial Alignment Lasers

Industrial alignment laser is easily assembled and operation, which can be operated by batteries or DC input power supply. Employed by stable laser diode, inner circuit board, and durable aluminum alloy body material, industrial alignment lasers can be widely used in auxiliary positioning fire forming machines, paper cutting machines, steel sawing machines, PCB board cutting machines, and other industrial machineries. The adoption of red laser positioning can greatly improve the alignment working efficiency.

industrial alignment laser allows accurate and precise dot, line and cross positioning.

In order to fulfill various kinds of alignment and calibration requirements, there are dot, line, cross and parallel line projecting alignment lasers available to make desired targeting in operation. Through a clear and rapid dot, line, cross or parallel, the laser modules are easily install, and provide complementary products and technical support for a variety of industrial equipment manufacturers.

Features of industrial alignment lasers:

The superiority of super bright light emitting makes alignment lasers applicable for all kinds of environments.
Owing to long distance beam visibility, alignment lasers are especially suitable for remote location and harsh working environments. All laser modules adopts original laser diodes, which ensures long serving lifetime, good stability, constant output power, small size, easy installation, and long continuous light emitting. The application of industrial alignment green laser pointer can effectively guarantee the stability of the product and serving life.

Original laser diodes and optical lenses. Employed by imported laser diodes and optical lenses, all alignment lasers provides clear dot, line, cross or parallels on targeted surfaces as well as low divergence, good collimation and industrial applicability. All alignment lasers are being designed focusable or fixed focal length on basis of user’s need.

Advantages analysis of power supply:

alignment laser DC power supply provides 3-5v voltage for laser alignments efficiently.

Equipped with dedicated DC input power suitable for special output power, the alignment lasers are featured by strong anti-interference, high stability, slow start inrush current suppression. The unique designed power supply has made alignment laser especially appropriate for harsh operation environments, and effectively guarantee the stability and long serving lifetime of alignment lasers.

Alignment Laser Mounting Bracket

laser alignment mounting bracket allows easy installation and operation of high power laser alignment tool in all working fields.

Featured by good thermal conductivity and flexibility, the laser alignment mounting bracket (tripod) allows free installation of alignment lasers in any vertical or horizontal surface in three-dimensional spaces and gets the best alignment result.

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