Military Laser Pointers

Laser pointers have long been widely used by military forces, including visible and invisible infrared laser pointers. Since portable and pen designed laser pointers are emitting a very narrow coherent beam of red laser light, and projecting a high brightness light spot on targeted objects, low and high powered laser pointers are ideal tools for soldiers for both real battlefield and military practice. This special laser device allows a stable narrow over long distance beam in the wild.

Available with narrow line width, laser pointers are being able to emitting unique laser beam with good coherence, good monochromaticity and perfect directionality. As a result, laser pointers are used in military and law enforcement devices for target positioning and measuring range and speed. For instance, optical laser gadgets are being used in distance measurements, target pointer in aircrafts for smart bombs, target pointer on rifles, beam rider for steering missiles, flash blinder for disturbing missiles and pilots, gated viewing through fog, green light submarine detection etc.

Targeting positioning

As the result of narrow line width and small area light spot, some militaries are using lasers to mark targets at night for aircraft. Usually invisible light source from infrared laser pointers are being used to make positioning while mounted on night vision scope or laser guns. Military designed infrared laser pointer provide special light source for soldiers to detect enemy without being detected. The IR laser helps soldiers to make perfect observation of enemies at long distance efficiently. For instance, the application of IR laser illuminator has provided wonderful observation at night for security camera system, border control, traffic control TEC burning laser pointer heat sink, and general zoon lens control etc.

Military laser target designator

Low powered laser pointers are mainly used to indicate a target for a precision guided munition. This application is always launched from aircraft. Through the reflection of laser light by the target, it enables high precision aiming of target in use. The beam of military laser target designator can be shone onto the target by an aircraft or nearby infantry. Usually invisible light infrared lasers are being used so that enemy cannot easily detect the guiding laser light.

Military designed laser pointers are easily available in many corners of application fields. However, military laser pointer is only a true weapon in work, but not a gadget for entertainment in wrong place.

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