Why the dog will frantically chase the laser?

When the dog finds a shaking spot, there is nothing more important in the world than to capture the spot. Unfortunately, this shaking spot is a massless photon beam that can not be captured. In fact, constantly chasing the spot may eventually interfere with the dog’s brain.

Nicholas Dodman, a professor of animal behavior at the Cummins Veterinary College at Tufts University, says dogs (or some cats) instinctively chase bright spots just because they are moving. Moving spots will arouse their innate hunting instincts, which explains why rodents and rabbits are at the lower end of the food chain, and when they are at risk, they will be kept in place as a survival strategy.

Although the dog does not have the ability to distinguish color, but the dog’s eyes contain a light cells called rod cells, can make the action detection. Moving the50mw green laser beam is the key to triggering this predator. They can not control their own, will only continue to chase the laser.

red laser pointer

However, should we use this method to stimulate their predation instincts? Probably this is not a good idea. Experts say dogs will become very excited because of instincts, once they start chasing light, they can not control their own to stop. Professor Dodman regards the dog’s chasing behavior as a pathology.

Scientists explained that if they did not give the alert dog reward, then it will make them become very frivolous. Likewise, if police dogs looking for bombs and drugs have never found bombs or drugs, their minds will be disturbed.

For those who love to chase the pet, the real toy will be a solution. Scientists say that a flexible “healing ball” is a good choice. When the dog chases the food in the cracks of the ball, they get the reward, which is very close to the real hunting scene. This is better than in the living room to release a box of mice, with this simulation hunting scene.

If you insist on shaking a 30mw green laser on the floor, then hide the food in a corner or crack in the room, and then occasionally light the light to the food hiding place, in order to make them feel pleasantly surprised.

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