Bicycle Installation of Cool Laser Light

In the city, we can see two kinds of people, one is riding a commuter bike commuters, another crowd is the outdoor sports enthusiasts, the quality of their pursuit of more equipment, so very high requirements for riding a bicycle, the recent solutions company launched a set of intelligent red laser pointer light system let you ride a bicycle, more safety and ease, can play around the lamp display direction, will detect bicycle deceleration, automatic light red light to show condition.

laser pointer

For personal safety, many bicycle users need to install the appropriate lighting system, but most people just put the long flash red light on the rear. “The Blinkers” let you have the pleasure of driving a real car, it has a total of two lighting systems, one on the front of the car as a lighting, and the other placed on the rear of the bike, can light the left / right yellow light direction, There is also a very bright red light to show that the bike is slowing down. The Blinkers are equipped with a remote light indicator, mounted on the handle, ready to turn on the lights, as well as headlights switch, and its speed sensor function, you can sense the riding speed, when the red light signal.

Each volume of the lighting system is 18x10x4cm, a full set of remote control with a total of 490g, very light weight will not increase the riding burden, the game can also be installed with the vehicle. Do not look at its tiny 5mw green laser light tube, the front of the lamp has a full 100 lumens, enough to illuminate the front road, and the rear of the signal also has 30 lumens output. The two lighting systems are in compliance with the IP64 waterproof standard and are capable of splashing water, and the liquid is poured from any direction to the shell without causing any damage, rain, or washing with a weakened spray. While the remote control light indicator built-in 3200mAh lithium battery, power enough for two weeks of the general use.

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