Laser Technology in the LED Industry

Laser because of monochromatic, coherence and parallel to the three major characteristics, especially for materials processing. Laser processing is the most promising field of laser applications, foreign has developed more than 20 kinds of blue laser pointer processing technology. Laser space control and time control is very good, the processing of the material, shape, size and processing environment of the degree of freedom are very large, especially for automated processing. Laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can constitute a highly efficient automated processing equipment, enterprises have become timely production of key technologies for high-quality, efficient and low-cost processing and production has opened up broad prospects.

green laser pointer

Laser processing refers to the use of laser beam projected onto the surface of the material produced by the thermal effect to complete the processing, including laser welding, laser cutting, surface modification, laser marking, laser drilling and micro-processing. The red laser beam of various materials for processing, such as drilling, cutting, scribing, welding, heat treatment. The laser can adapt to the processing of any material, especially in the presence of special precision and requirements, special occasions and special materials processing and manufacturing plays an irreplaceable role.

Laser processing is the laser beam irradiation to the surface of the workpiece to laser high energy to remove, melt material and change the surface properties of the object. As the laser processing is non-contact processing, the tool will not directly with the workpiece surface grinding resistance, so the laser processing speed, processing objects affected by a small range of heating and no noise. Since the energy of the laser beam and the speed of movement of the beam can be adjusted, laser processing can be applied to different levels and ranges.

The characteristics of the laser have the advantage of the presence of the laser in the field of processing: it is possible to achieve a variety of processing purposes because it is contactless and the energy and speed of the high energy laser beam are adjustable. Can be a variety of metal, non-metallic processing, in particular, can be processed high hardness, high brittleness, and high melting point of the material. Laser processing, the green laser light beam energy density, processing speed, and is the local processing, non-laser irradiation site has no effect or minimal impact. Therefore, the heat affected zone is small, the workpiece thermal deformation is small, follow-up processing is small. A variety of processing of the workpiece in a closed container can be carried out through a transparent medium. As the laser beam is easy to guide, gather to achieve the direction of transformation, easily with the CNC system with complex parts for processing, it is a very flexible processing methods. The use of laser processing, high production efficiency, reliable quality, good economic returns.

Laser scribing makes wafer microcracks and microcracks greatly reduced, and the distance between the LEDs is closer, thus improving the productivity and increasing the productivity. In general, 2-inch wafers can separate more than 20,000 LED monolithic devices, thus cutting the slit width will significantly affect the number of particles; reduce micro-cracks for the long-term reliability of the LED device after the separation There will be a significant increase. Compared with the traditional blade cutting, laser marking not only improves the output efficiency, but also improves the processing speed and avoids the machining defects and the cost loss caused by the blade wear. In short, the 10000mw laser processing precision is high, the processing tolerance is large, the cost low.

The scribing line of laser scribing LED is much narrower than that of traditional mechanical drawing, so the utilization ratio of material is improved remarkably, so the output efficiency is improved. The other is a non-contact laser processing technology, characterization of micro cracks and other damage to the wafer is smaller, the closer the wafer between particles, high efficiency, high output capacity, and reliability of LED devices also greatly improve product.

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