New Topology Laser

According to foreign media sources, U.S. researchers have recently developed a new type of topologicalĀ burning laser pointer. It is reported that the laser has a topological cavity structure, the light can be reflected in any shape of the cavity and does not scatter.

It is understood that most of the volume of the topological insulator can not pass the current, but can be unidirectional conduction edge state, without scattering or leakage case, can skillfully bypass corners and surface defects. In fact, this kind of “topologically protected” current can be produced by applying an electric field on any conductor sheet and a magnetic field perpendicular to the electric field. Since photons have no magnetic moment, they are not affected directly by the magnetic field and are applied with incident-light-excited electrons to achieve similar effects. Resulting in a magnetic field on these electrons have different effects, which in turn will have different effects on the light effect.

red laser pointer

In fact, in silicon photonics, the reaction of the material to the magnetic field under the infrared wavelength is very weak, and it is generally believed that it is not able to generate the optical band gap to transmit the electromagnetic wave. In this experiment, the researchers used two types of photonic crystals and held one of the photonic crystals inside the other and placed the two crystals on top of the magnetic mineral yttrium iron garnet. The internal crystal consists of a series of asteroidal cells arranged in a square lattice, while the outer crystal is a triangular lattice with cylindrical pores. The interface between the two crystals is the cavity of theĀ green laser pointer, so the laser is amplified in the cavity to form an arbitrary cavity topology.

According to industry professionals, this is the first non interactive topological photonic material in the optical magnetic bias irreversible. In the future, it can be used in the wavelength of distant communication, and also can promote the miniaturization of silicon photonic devices, and can ensure that the information is not scattered in the process of quantum transmission stealing, the laser application market is broad.

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