Comparison of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and CO2 Laser Cutter

What is the difference between a fiber laser cutting machine and a carbon dioxide laser cutting machine?

Equipment maintenance costs, carbon dioxide green laser pointer cutting machine maintenance costs are huge, not only the front mirror tail mirror expensive, and the turbine bearing life of only 8000 hours, and the replacement cost of 80,000 per pair. However, fiber laser cutting machine maintenance-free, basically no supplies, but also capable of working environment, the dust, shock, shock, humidity, temperature has a high degree of tolerance.

Processing costs to compare, carbon dioxide laser cutting machine processing not only produce gas consumption, and photoelectric conversion rate of only 8% -10%. Fiber laser cutting machine processing does not require any other consumption, and its photoelectric conversion rate can reach 30%, more energy saving.

From the technical aspects of contrast, carbon dioxide laser cutting machine laser structure is complex, high maintenance costs, but also in the processing of large beam divergence, not suitable for large-scale processing. Although the cutting seam is relatively thin, but in the processing of thick plate when the speed is very slow. However, the characteristics of high power laser cutting machine laser is reflected in the miniaturization, intensive, high brightness and high conversion rate, in the thin plate processing, the same power fiber laser cutting machine than carbon dioxide cutting speed 2-3 times higher, cutting section smooth.

It is said that fiber laser cutting machine has been able to quickly gain a foothold in the market and gradually replace the traditional cutting process, it is because of its technical advantages, in order to achieve the finished product provides the necessary technology.

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