Technical Features of New Laser Die Cutting Machine

Laser die-cutting machine in the market application is not yet particularly popular, the traditional mechanical die-cutting and technology is still deeply rooted in today’s green laser pointer die-cutting machine in the paper processing industry, for example, to analyze the laser die-cutting machine advantages of the characteristics and traditional mechanical die-cutting of the technical characteristics!

High quality, high precision. With the development of die-cutting technology and laser technology, the combination of the two, the use of laser to replace the traditional die-cutting die has a clear advantage. Laser die-cutting machine is a fully automatic laser cutting, no vibration deviation, high precision and stability. No need to make knife mold, by the computer directly control the laser cutting, and not limited by the complexity of the graphics, you can cut the traditional cutter can not complete the cutting needs.

No need for version, high efficiency. As the laser die-cutting technology is directly controlled by the computer, without the need to replace the knife template, can achieve different layout between the fast switching between the parts, saving the traditional die-cutting tool change and adjust the time, especially for short version, personalized mode Cut processing. Laser die-cutting machine with non-contact characteristics, change live fast, short production cycle, high production efficiency.

Easy to use, high security. Can be completed in the computer cutting graphics design, a variety of graphical parameter settings based on the software automatically generated. Therefore, the high power laser cutting machine easy to learn and use, the operator’s skill requirements are low. Equipment, a high degree of automation, reducing the operator’s labor intensity, at the same time, cutting the operator without the need for direct operation, safe.

Repeatable processing. As the laser die cutting machine can store computer programmed cutting procedures, so when re production, you can only adjust the corresponding procedures can be cut, repeated processing.

Late use cost is low. Laser cutting technology costs including equipment cost and equipment cost, but the traditional die-cutting technology costs include production cost, knife mold proofing equipment cost, cost, traditional die-cutting equipment manual adjustment cost and waiting cost etc.. For the traditional die cutting technology, the cost of making knife mould is very expensive. For many small and medium-sized printing enterprises, the cost of making die after press printing is 3-5 / 10000, and more than 10-15 / year. Also needs experienced die cutting worker master, carries on the specialized installation and the adjustment. In addition, the space needed to store the knife template requires a variety of auxiliary tools, there are a variety of uncontrollable waste, and the higher the use cost of the traditional knife mold!

Technical innovation of the new birth of laser cutting technology is bound to bring paper products processing and packaging and printing industry, due to the superior performance of the red laser cutting machine can be widely used in invitations, greeting cards, candy box, stickers, paper art, paper cutting, gift box, cake card, desk calendar, envelopes and other industries, laser cutting technology for processing printing and paper products.

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